Group Leaders please email Gary at for changes in your group events or information.
        Adult Sunday School  Adult Sunday School meets Sundays at 11:30 am, following worship.   All adults are invited to attend.  We are very informal and are there to learn.  If you have questions, please contact Karen Bragg or call the church.
        Youth Sunday School   Youth Sunday School meets Sunday at 10:30 am, during worship.  For updated meeting times and additional times, please check the church’s Facebook page.
Christian Fellowship Groups:
        Divinity Group.    All ladies are invited and welcome. Questions, ask Mary Jane VanGilder
                                    or Willa VanGilder.

        CMF.    All local men are welcome to join our CMF group.  Questions, ask Gary Maffioli or John Bragg.  

        Relay for Life.    Our chruch is a supporter for Relay for Life.  If you have questions, please contact our team leader---Karen or John Bragg.
       Union Mission.    Baskets in mission room

        Soup Opera.       Baskets in mission room

If you want more information on these groups please contact the office, or just come to the group's meeting for infomation.
Group Leaders please email for changes in your group events or information.